Ryan’s going to produce a new movie so far entitled “The Max Gerson Film Project”. The movie’s about the true story about a doctor from Germany named Max Gerson who came across a cure for cancer. For more information check out the video below:

Q: What was your first exposure to “Rocky Horror”? A: It was the musical, not the movie. I saw it at the Ordway with my mom and dad when I was 12. My sister was in it. After bridging the awful gap of watching your sister play a slutty character on a family outing, I […]

I’m so happy to say that Ryan McCartan is the cover of #145 edition of Bello Magazine. The issue was released last week and here’s the full interview: At the mere age of 23, Ryan McCartan’s career is already soaring. The Minnesota-born charmer is a double threat in the entertainment industry. He showed off his […]